International expansion

You want to do business in Brazil. Great!







But doing business from a distance is a headache…. You just want someone there to be your hands and feet. To get things done.

You want someone that:

  • Is reliable and trustworthy
  • Has a good background and is knowledgeable about the environmental sector
  • Understands the Brazilian culture and speaks Brazilian Portuguese
  • Also fully understands the Western European way of working and can report back in English, Dutch or French
  • Can represent your company well.
  • Gets things done

For a foreign company to do business in Brazil, working with someone that understands the Brazilian culture and speaks Brazilian Portuguese can safe valuable time, money and energy.


Do you have any questions or doubts? Please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and give you more clarity on if and how I can help you.


Why would you work with me?

The ones who did will tell you


“Anne is able to apply her scientific background in an efficient and effective way to practical issues. She gets things done – Bart Harman, Chairman & Chief entrepreneur NOTS Enterprises

“…I had the honour and pleasure of working with Anne while I was the Country Manager at NOTS. I use the word honour because Anne is among the smarter people I have met. In addition to her smarts, she is energetic, can think strategically and is not at all afraid to roll her sleeves up and work hard. From field project work to desk based detailed analysis, anything you throw at Anne comes back with positive results. The pleasure part comes from her amazing personality, ready smile, contagious laughter, delightful singing and from watching her tear up a dance floor. A stellar example of someone combining both intellectual and emotional intelligence.” – Marc Maisonneuve, Director NOTS Mali

“…Anne is one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated people I know. She was committed to bring across the museum’s message to young audiences in an exciting way, always using imagination and passion for biology as important principles.(…) Passionate and trustworthy – Robin van Westen, Project developer Utrecht University Museum

“…did a great job, especially given time constraints” – Helen Bellfield, Project Manager Global Canopy Programme

” Tive uma experiência com Anne para adequar um projeto dentro de critérios de qualidade exigidos pelo cliente e chamou a atenção o compromisso, a eficiência e produtividade em honrar com prazo e qualidade” — translation ENG : — “I worked with Anne on the development of a project with set quality criteria by the client and I was struck by her commitment, efficiency and productivity to honor the deadline and quality standard – Hugo Diogo, Socio-Director Soluções em Meio Ambiente (SOMA)