I am an Environmental Scientist from The Netherlands. I love life and love living it. I think we live in a beautiful, dynamic world full of challenges. One of the challenges we face nowadays is how to take care of the world we live in. We need to find a sustainable way to manage our natural resources, to exploit without overexploiting, to use without polluting. Nobody can do this on his own, I think we need an integrated approach; we need to do it together. I think there is a way to move forward in a sustainable way, not counteracting development, but together with enterprises and businesses. More sustainable business models need to be developed and big brands and companies need to embrace a more sustainable approach that will at the end benefit both nature and the company itself. This is a mission I would like to focus on in my professional life.

I hold an MSc in Environmental Sciences (Natural Resources Management) and a BSc in Biology (obtained at the Utrecht University, The Netherlands). I have a broad interest in sustainable development and in specific the forestry sector, agroforestry, community forestry etc. I traveled a lot, and studied and worked in a.o. The Netherlands, Bolivia, South Africa, The Gambia and Mali. On this website, you can find information about my projects, news items and blog posts that reflect my ideas on how we can work on creating a more sustainable society.

My Current Mission

I recently moved to Brazil.Why Brazil? – Because it is a country with unequaled biodiversity and richness of natural resources, the economy is growing and the area of sustainable development booming. Moreover, the language is beautiful, the food delicious and the music vibrant.

To profit the current touristic boom, me and my boyfriend started up a short-term rental company for rooms and apartments in Rio de Janeiro. After a rather tedious bureaucratic process, I managed to get my permanent visa and working permit. I’m back in business! With my improved Portuguese and other language skills, my working visa and my international working experience, I believe I can make a valuable contribution to ongoing projects in Brazil. I am always open for new opportunities. Feel free to contact me!