Exploring the world leading nature hiking trips

SNP Nature Travel is the biggest Dutch tour operator that is specialised in activity based tourism all over the world. In 25 years they have developed over 300 group trips and 700 FIT packages – with activities ranging from walking, hiking, cycling, wildlife, bird watching, Arctic adventures, desert tours, cultural tours, to landscape photography courses. SNP is a strong and innovative company. They have a green and nature oriented image, and take special care in selecting small scale, preferably privately owned accommodation (campsites, hotels, tented lodges, safari camps, trekker’s lodges i.e.). Authenticity, respect for the environment and expertise are keywords that typify the travels they offer.

I guide trips for SNP since the summer of 2011. Not full time, but when I have time; after my studies, during holidays, in between jobs. I have traveled a lot and never seem to get tired of experiencing new cultures and environments. Traveling brings insights, experiences, things to discover about others and yourself. One of the most amazing things I`ve done is making a trip for two months with an overlander truck from Cape Town (South-Africa) through Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. We crossed several deserts and explored the Okavango Delta. I slept on the top of the truck, falling asleep under the stars every night, awaking with the sun. At the end I found myself in a local minivan, completely held together with duct tape, going from Victoria Falls to Harare, buying bananas from the window. This trip I made on my own, but experiences like this made me eager to travel more, and made me want to share the experiences with others. This is my main motivation to work for SNP Nature Travels.

I developed a lot of skills with SNP. Guiding with SNP means not only you should be on top of the organisation of the trip; you are also the guide of the treks, the expert, and `the mama`of the group. You safeguard a good atmosphere; deal with minor issues such as snoring people to bigger issues such as giving mental support to someone that gets seriously injured. You navigate the walks with map and compass, always keeping a good eye on the weather conditions and the fitness of the people in the group. You give information about the area, vegetation, history and sights. To do all these things at the same time requires a lot of a person. Yet, with experience it becomes easier and more natural. The first trip I guided was amazing, but nerve-wrecking. As I developed my skills, I became more self-secure, flexible and relaxt. I hope that many more trips will follow.

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